Remember what we wrote about how Vine, an application that allows you to create and share 6 seconds videos, is an awesome marketing tool for brands? Well, Vine’s status as the frontrunner in video marketing is already being challenged by the launch of the new video feature in Instagram.

Videos, not just 6 seconds or 15 seconds ones, but larger productions, can tell stories in ways that words can’t. Marketers are slowly adopting videos into their marketing mix, and it isn’t any different for PR professionals.

Here are the top 5 reasons why every PR pitch needs a video.

  1.    Your pitch will stand out from the clutter

Always remember that you are not the only person who is sending out PR pitches to the media. The media has thousands of pitches flooding their inbox on a daily basis, and half of these pitches all look the same. Unless your story is remarkable, it’s going to get lost in the sea of other pitches. So be different. Include a video and stand out from the clutter.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good video anyway?

  1. Time is of the essence – the media does not have time for every PR pitch, so make it count

Send out PR pitches that are worth the writers’ time. In addition to being lost in the clutter, bloggers and writers are always on a time crunch to deliver content.  Videos are more memorable, enjoyable, and are way easier than reading.

  1.    Video makes your brand seem more interesting

Video is a good way to show off your organization and brand’s personality. If your pitch is going to be about the launch of a new product, use short videos in your pitch to build anticipation prior to its launch. Entice reporters into wanting to cover your event, news or product launch. Offer visual accompaniment to what you are trying to say. It makes you look more happening and interesting.

  1.    Video increases engagement

If a video is relevant and entertaining, readers are more likely to click and share it with their friends. This is where the ad dollars come in. Publications and news outlets want to increase their viewership and the best way is through digital engagement with their current readers. Include a video in a pitch that can influence publications and news outlet to want to cover your story to drive traffic to their site.

People love visual content because it’s entertaining and informational. An entertaining and informational video can go a long way! Readers are more likely to be hooked by  a video and spend more time on that publication.

  1.     Video is less expensive than it used to be

Depending on what you need to shoot, you can get by with anything from a phone camera to a consumer DSLR. For more ambitious product videos, live action comedy shoots and visual effects you may need a creative agency and/or a production company to work with you on developing concepts and producing the right videos! Here’s link if you need help finding the best video production company or agency for your particular pitch.

Pua Sze is an Account Coordinator at Supercool Creative. She is fascinated by the creative side of business, which has fostered her passion into pursuing a degree in public relations and advertising at Chapman University. She co-manages several of Supercool Creative’s accounts. Pua Sze integrates her blend of experience in the pr, advertising and entertainment field through the conceptualization of ideas and marketing strategies at Supercool Creative.