9 Reasons People Watch Online Videos

by David Murdico

June 12, 2019 at 17:12 PM

Why do people watch online videos? Marketers have to understand these reasons so they can produce and promote marketing videos and video ads that people actually want to watch.

Why does that matter? Because disruptive video advertising, or shoving video ads in viewers’ faces works if you’re willing to pay for every view or engagement. A better option is to create marketing videos and ads that more closely resemble what people are looking for, but with a marketing message or call to action included.

This method of video production and marketing greatly increases brand awareness and click through.

53% Watch Online Videos To be Entertained and Inspired

Whether we’re looking for movies, TV shows, or a short YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat videos, we all love to be entertained and inspired.

Takeaway: Produce and promote marketing videos and ads that are unexpected and memorable – that surprise and entertain – that inspire people – that make them laugh. These emotional reactions will prompt them to not only watch, but share, and your marketing message goes along for the ride.

28% Watch Online Videos to Relax or Escape

To me, this is really the same thing as above but at a lower decibel level. I think of video content that’s less likely to make us LOL or become inspired to move mountains, but provides relaxation and a chance to get away from the day.

Takeaway: To reach this group, consider marketing videos and ads with super interesting content and longer narratives. Draw viewers into a story.

21% Watch Online Videos to Learn Something New

YouTube, owned by Google,  is the second largest search engine in the world so it’s no surprise people search for information on topics they’re interested in. I went through a phase where I was fascinated with Pirates… yeah, pirates. I watched all sorts of videos on the topic but still haven’t watched any of Pirates of The Caribbean movies. Not sure why.

Takeaway: Educate or inform people on topics that relate to your products or services. Produce an educational series in a really fun way.

14% Watch Online Videos to Pursue a Hobby or Interest

Lost your knitting mojo? Need to know how to put ships in bottles or make DIY jigsaw puzzles? Yeah, me neither but if I did I’d watch videos about it.

Takeaway: Create a series of videos providing tips for hobbyists or people with niche interests related to your products or services!

13% Watch Online Videos to Find Out Something New or Progress in a Task

Ever need to figure out how to install a hard drive, fix your sink or turbocharge your go cart? Go to Youtube and I guarantee somebody has made a video about pretty much anything you can think of.

Takeaway: Create “how to” videos that show viewers how to do something related to your products or services. First you’ll be their hero, then their favorite brand.

11% Watch Online Videos to Stay Up to Date and On Top of Trends

Trendjacking is jumping on the latest trends, and creating videos or other content that ride those trends’ waves of popularity.

Takeaway: Trendjack.

10% Watch Online Videos to See Something New That Cannot be Found Anywhere Else

The ubiquity of cell phones and popularity of live video apps like Periscope, Snapchat, Meerkat and Facebook live means we don’t have to rely on traditional media outlets for video content.

Takeaway: Create and look for opportunities that relate to your product or service, then shoot and share the videos people are looking for.

10% Watch Online Videos to Feel Connected with People and Communicate

Videos help people connect and communicate over common interests. They can leave comments, engage in discussions and make their own reply videos.

Takeaway: Use video to connect and engage viewers most likely to buy your products and services. What topics interest them and make them want to interact?

8% Watch Online Videos to Find Information on Products and Services

Videos let viewers learn far more about products and services than they can  with photos or text. Box opening videos, haul videos, fan-generated content, how-toe and explainer videos are informational and get viewers excited.

Takeaway: Make original videos that describe your products and services in a fun, entertaining way. Engage video influencers to create content for you!

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Statistics provided via “Online Video in The United States, a 2016 Statista report.

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