App Review: Sock Matcher

App Review: Sock Matcher

by David Fine

Posted on May 06, 2013 at 00:01 AM

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Are you tired of showing up to work wearing socks that don’t match? I know I am. Just the other day I came to work only to realize my left sock was light black and my right sock was dark black. I know – it was terrifying! I had to muffle my screams of horror. Even worse, I had to stand at my desk all day lest I sit down in my chair and expose my socks to a passing office bully – mainly Betty in Accounting.

But there’s great news for the sock-matching impaired, and it’s called the Sock Matcher app! Gone are the days of hiding your socks underneath your pants! More than forty-percent effective at reducing sock mismatches, the Sock Matcher will soon become your new best friend, especially if you have no love life to speak of whatsoever!

How does it work? Well let me tell you! After installing the app on your mobile phone, simply take a picture of one sock then a picture of the other and click “Match?” The app will then tell you if they are the same shade of the same color or not. It even works with patterned socks!

It sounds too good to be true, right? Well it isn’t! Just see what Sock Matcher’s happy customers have to say:

“My life was a total mess before Sock Matcher. It still is, but at least I now have a better chance of wearing matching socks. Thanks, Sock Matcher!” – Phil

“I can’t thank Sock Matcher enough. I feel more confident than ever! Maybe you could create an Earring Matcher app too?” – Myra

“I was definitely skeptical at first. I mean, I’m a smart dude, so if I can’t figure out if two sock patterns match, then how could a phone, right? Well douché, Sock Matcher. Douché.” – Gunnar [The CoolAid assumes Gunnar meant “touché” but we can’t be certain.]

The app is now available for both Android and iOS devices, and at just $19.99 it’s a total steal! I’m happy to give Sock Matcher app a score of a 8.5 plastic cups out of 10.

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