Dickies 90 Years Strong Tour

Dickies 90 Years Strong Tour

by Supercool Creative

Posted on October 12, 2012 at 16:34 PM

Zeno Group teams up with Supercool Creative once again for Dickies 90 Year Strong Tour to celebrate the hard workers across the U.S. of A by giving back! We head out to New York, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle and Los Angeles teaming up with food trucks giving out free food and gratitude (Dickies clothes and gear).

 Los Angeles: Most Valuable Tool to Get the Job Done?

Seattle: Toughest Job

Dallas: Important Safety Tips

Chicago: Misconceptions

Miami: Dickies Gear

New York: The Celebration Begins

Client: Dickies/Zeno Group
Creative Agency/Production: Supercool Creative
View on: Dickies’ Facebook | Dickies YouTube Channel

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