Supercool Video FAQ

Q: What kinds of videos do you make?

A: We write and produce video ads, social media ads, video promos, corporate videos, TV commercials, sizzle reels, explainer videos, animated videos and more. Any project you have in mind, we can produce for you.

Q: What is a typical video length?

A: Typical video lengths are :6 second ads :15 second ads :30 second ads :60 second ads 1:20 second ads and 2:00 minutes + ads and social media video content up to 10:00 minutes or more!

We most often produce videos in the 1:00 – 2:00 minute range and then edit :30 and :15 second versions for social media advertising on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram…

Q: How long does it take to write and produce a video?

A: About 4 weeks total.

  • Exploration – 1 Week

  • Creative – 1 Week

  • Production – 1-5 Days (depending on the creative)

  • Editing – 1 Week

Q: How much do videos cost?

A: Video pricing depends on the creative requirements. Generally speaking, our scripted, live action video ads start at about $10,000 including creative and production and editing, and go up from there.

Simple video productions like interviews, man on the street and event coverage start at about $3,000, including editing.

Q: What are the things that make videos cost more?

A: Typically, locations and permits take up a good part of any budget. Next, are talent fees followed by production crew, creative fees and editing.

Q: Does Supercool write and produce everything in-house?

A: Yes! We work with a group of freelancers for crew positions like sound, art department and makeup, but all creative direction, writing, casting, strategy, direction and post production is in-house.

Q: I have a solid idea and don’t need new ideas.  Can Supercool just write the script and produce the video(s)?

A: Yes

Q: Will that cost less?

A: Yes.

Q: I just need ideas and a script / scripts, but no production. Can Supercool do that? How much does it cost?

A: Yes. starting at about $2,500.

Q: How big is your team?

A: We have a core of 12 creatives, writers, producers, directors and editors. The rest are freelance production talent working in the Los Angeles area.

Q: Can I get on the phone, Skype or email you with a bunch of ridiculous questions?

A: Yup! We love that. Contact Supercool Here

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