Q: Does Supercool write and produce everything in-house?

A: Yes! We work with a group of freelancers for crew positions like sound, art department and makeup, but all creative direction, writing, casting, strategy, direction and post production is in-house.

Q: I have a solid idea and don’t need new ideas.  Can Supercool just write the script and produce the video(s)?

A: Yes

Q: Will that cost less?

A: Yes.

Q: I just need ideas and a script / scripts, but no production. Can Supercool do that? How much does it cost?

A: Yes. About $5,000.

Q: How big is your team?

A: We have a core of 12 creatives, writers, producers, directors and editors. The rest are freelance production talent working in the Los Angeles area.

Q: Can I get on the phone with you and ask a bunch of ridiculous questions?

A: Yup! We love that.