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How Much Do Marketing Videos Cost?

A frequent and fair question is “how much do marketing videos cost?”

The short answer is that marketing videos typically range┬ábetween $2,500 and $25,000 – sometimes less, sometimes more – depending on the creative ideas, script, production and post production requirements- type of video, style, what the video is about, locations, sound stages, actors (babies, animals), equipment (dollies, drones, vehicles) , motion graphics animation, video capture,┬áspecial effects, music, voiceovers – and even the number of videos and video lengths.

Marketing video pricing really just depends on what is in the videos


1. Do you have a general idea of what kind of marketing video you need?

  • You have a general idea of what you need, maybe the style (live action, animation, motion graphics, explainer, interviews) – and maybe some rough ideas of your own but don’t know what things cost.
  • You have examples of videos you like that are similar to what you want for your brand, startup, business, product or service.
  • Please send whatever information you have and we can give you a quick quote!

2. Do you have a budget range but no solid ideas?

  • You have a budget range in mind and just want to know what can be done.
  • We can offer suggestions on the best video styles -live action, animation, motion graphics.
  • Let us know your budget and we can give you suggestions and a quick quote!

3. Do you have a budget and a brief?

  • You have a creative brief and a set budget to work with.
  • Just send over your brief and we’ll give you a breakdown and quick quote!

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