How to Figure Out Video Cost

A frequent and fair question is “how much do marketing videos – game trailers, app trailers, social media ads, new product promos – all cost?”

The short answer is that marketing videos typically range between $3,00 and $25,000 Рsometimes less, sometimes more. Sometimes, you just need a creative concept, screen captures, music and a voiceover. Sometimes you need trucks full of equipment, crew and donuts.

Also where creativity comes in – being able to do more for less.
We’re big fans of getting the most out of your budget and even creating multiple versions of the same video for different purposes.

Some of the factors that determine price:

  • creative ideas (if we have a budget we can control that)
  • script requirements
  • production and post production requirements
  • type of video, style
  • what the video is about
  • locations, sound stages, permits
  • actors (babies, animals)
  • equipment (cameras, dollies, drones, vehicles)
  • motion graphics animation
  • video capture
  • special effects
  • music, voiceovers
  • and even the number of videos, and video lengths

Marketing video pricing really just depends on what is in the videos


1. Do you have a general idea of what kind of marketing video you need?

  • You have a general idea of what you need, maybe the style (live action, animation, motion graphics, explainer, interviews) – and maybe some rough ideas of your own but don’t know what things cost.
  • You have examples of videos you like that are similar to what you want for your brand, startup, business, product or service.
  • Please send whatever information you have and we can give you a quick quote!

2. Do you have a budget range but no solid ideas?

  • You have a budget range in mind and just want to know what can be done.
  • We can offer suggestions on the best video styles -live action, animation, motion graphics.
  • Let us know your budget and we can give you suggestions and a quick quote!

3. Do you have a budget and a brief?

  • You have a creative brief and a set budget to work with.
  • Just send over your brief and we’ll give you a breakdown and quick quote!

Is your situation is different, or you just need to talk it out?
Give us a call or shoot us an email.