How to Sell Apps and Games with Video and Social Media

Posted on January 28, 2017 at 01:30 AM

It’s time to promote your mobile app game to get users – players – downloads – sales! Here are five tips for using social media marketing to raise awareness of and interest in your app and help you sell more.

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1. Promote your mobile apps and games with a powerful trailer

A trailer for your mobile app or video game lets people know what you’re all about. What does the app or game do? What genre is it? Where can we download it?

A good trailer should have energy, excitement and enthusiasm, and include a call to action either in the video or in the surrounding descriptions.


Here’s one of my favorites – a trailer for Guardians of Valor.

Post the video everywhere and use social media and influencers and blog and publication outreach to share.

Paid tactics are highly effective as well, including social media advertising across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Experiment with smaller budgets first and measure downloads.

2. Use content marketing for mobile apps and games

Content marketing is a super effective way to reach the people most likely to to download your app or game.

Share videos, screen shots, app captures, game play, character  artwork and other visually relative content across your social media channels.

Encourage users to do the same, amplifying your message.

Include a clear call to action – download now, download here, learn more.

When considering what types of content to deliver, go a little crazy! People love content that’s unexpected and memorable.

Edgy comedy or shocking content is always a big hit, and the more of an impression you make, the more likely they are to share with their friends. That’s exactly what you want!

3. Define your social media voice and build a fan base

Before you start updating, tweeting and blogging, be sure to match your social media voice to your app’s personality. Before you can do that, you have to decide who your app is.

If your app were a person, what would it be like – sound like – act like? Once you start posting, use that voice consistently. For example, if your app or mobile game is edgy and irreverent, don’t hit your fans with formal business-speak.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and even LinkedIn are great places to share content, but don’t stop there. The idea is to build a fan base by creating conversations and relationships. When someone comments on an update, photo or video, jump into the conversation. That’s what you’re there for.

Offer small incentives across your social media channels.

Hold weekly contests / giveaways for small prizes if fans can answer app-related questions. This is an effective way to draw attention and build loyalty.

4. Be consistent with your social media marketing

Once you start, don’t stop, and don’t slow down.

To build a fan base you have to consistently share, engage and reengage people on a regular basis or they’ll think you’ve lost interest and go elsewhere. You’ll need to rely on this fan base to spread the word about your app and recruit new users.

Always try for fresh content, and share related content on a consistent basis. This develops good will between you and other people and businesses whose content you’re sharing – and they’ll return the favor.

5. Reach out to blogs, publications and influencers

Reach out to relevant blog and publication writers and get them share your content with their readers. Identify which blogs and publications cater to your target demographic, find who writes for them and pitch them.

Be considerate of  their time, and keep it simple. Include why you’re reaching out, what you’re asking them to do, and then make it super easy for them to do it.

Include shareable links to the content, pre-populated Twitter links and a link to background information should they need it. Don’t just copy and paste a press release. Put in some effort and customize your pitches. The effort will show and pay off.

Reach out to influencers that have a large or active social media following across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat…

Again, target influencers that appeal to the same people to whom you’re selling your app. Don’t just ask from them, but give back as well. They’re trying to build their fan base too, so be sure to share their content to your fans as appropriate, and engage them regularly.

Many influencers accept monetary compensation for sharing your mobile app or game. If you have the budget, it can be a smart choice. Just be sure to do your research and see what results they have achieved for other publishers or developers.

6. Use the “one click” rule of getting more mobile app and video game downloads

Fortunately for you, mobile apps and games are online and downloadable. Your users don’t have to walk into a store to get them.

Make sure that a simple way to download your app is no more than one click away from the content you create and share. Think of your content as part of the user experience, and don’t make people work too hard to find a way to click and download, or they’ll get distracted by something else, lose interest and forget to go back.

Follow these 6 steps and take your mobile app and video game social media marketing into your own hands or work with an agency or specialist who can do it for you.

24 thoughts on “How to Sell Apps and Games with Video and Social Media

  1. What about the opportunities to take apps into the physical world and showcase/demo them to audiences in high traffic areas – malls, airports, retailers, etc.

    1. That’s a really good idea. App developers can use social media to get the word out and encourage users to interact from the various installations, activations and events.

  2. David

    What do you mean by “small prizes”? Something deliverable online? What do developers usually do? Thanks

    1. Thanks David. I mean prizes that are fairly inexpensive but cool. Things you can give away frequently. For example during our social media campaign for Street Fighter X Tekken, we asked questions on Twitter and within YouTube videos and fans tweeted and left comments to win game character bobble heads. You could do online deliverable prizes like app upgrades, coins or iTunes gift cards.

  3. A good list in principle – in real life however Social Media is a very very laborious way to generate Downloads.

  4. jalendra kumar

    i make an Animation based Game and i have no idea how this game is promotes or sell.
    please suggests me


    1. Hi Viktar, I’d need more info to suggest the right approach. Have you created an educational app / game?


      1. Hi David,

        I see that you have good experience in promoting mobile apps online.
        We at alp cube are developing a game, which is going to be a clone of other game. Can you please suggest what is the right approach to market our game via social media or other possible mediums and how much prior to launch we shall start doing the same.

        Alp Cube Team

        1. The approach really depends on the audience you’re targeting and your marketing budget and your existing fan base and social media community for related products or services you offer.

          Options for marketing can include video, social media, PR / outreach to top and niche game blogs, publications and review sites, contests to raise awareness and build buzz.

          You should start building your social media community as soon as possible, or within a couple of months of launching. Use early beta invites to work out the bugs.


    i make an physics based Game and i have no idea how to promote it.
    please suggests me


  6. Hello developers,

    We just release a site where developers can reviews each others app for free.

    It is a great way to get several honest review about your app and help get it better and get a better position on appstore ranking.


    Best regards,

    Adriana Silva

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