Supercool Keeps Your Brand On Brand

We write and produce the TV spots, video ads, game trailers and crowdfunding videos that help brands and startups grab attention and sell more!



Some of the awesome brands and startups we get to work with in tech, consumer goods, video games, pet products, health, fashion…

Our Services

Creative - Ideas & Scripts

Supercool keeps your brand on brand by understanding what makes your product or service special and writing scripts that help you hit the right goals. Also, comedy is a specialty.


We manage the pre-production / production - storyboards, casting, talent, locations, crew, direction and production design that brings the creative to life.

Post Production

We handle the editing, motion graphics animation, special effects and music that bring it all together.

Video Ads

We write and produce video ads for brands and startups - launch-ready Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram ads that convert.

TV Ads / OTT

We write and produce TV ads for brands and startups - National and local broadcast ads and OTT spots that get results.

Game Trailers / Ads

We write and produce character-based and high-action video ads and trailers for PC, console and mobile games worldwide.

Crowdfunding Videos

We write and produce crowdfunding video creative - concepts / scripts + production - KickStarter, Indiegogo, Wefunder… all the videos that help you get your projects funded!

Social Media Video Content

Not every video is an ad! We create original Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok video content that develops brand awareness, increases followers and drives sales.


What type of video project do you have in mind? Our creative team can help you explore options. Shoot us a brief or give us a shout!

Why Supercool Creative Agency

Supercool Keeps YOUR Brand ON Brand with Centralized Creative

One of the hardest parts of working with a creative agency / production company outside of your organization is staying ON BRAND.

Supercool solves this problem by LISTENING – and assigning a CENTRALIZED, in-house Creative Director to each creative team to maintain quality control and brand consistency across every aspect of your project – from the creative pitch and scripting, to talent choices and post production.

Supercool Focuses On The CREATIVE - Big IDEAS, SCRIPTS, Messaging and CTAs

It all starts with the creative – the big idea – the script – and the CTA.

  • What product or service are we selling? What’s your USP? What’s your differentiation? Price points? Tech specs?
  • What is your brand voice? Are we going funny? Serious? Informational?
  • What is your brand identity? Social responsibility? Environmentally plugged in? Best in class? Made in the USA?

THEN – what video ads can we create to ATTRACT ATTENTION to your brand, develop INTEREST, and command ACTION – CTA?

Supercool Shoots Worldwide

While many creative agencies and production companies are localized, Supercool works with a diverse network of video producers, directors, talent, crews and locations, across the US and worldwide.

Supercool combines centralized creative and post with global production to deliver amazing video advertising content.