Crowdfunding Videos for Founders, Startups and Marketing Agencies

We work with marketing agencies and/or directly with founders to write and produce exciting, informational and backer-worthy crowdfunding videos and creative assets.

What We Need From You!

  • We ask you a series of questions regarding your brand voice, tone, style, level of humor, value proposition, features, tech specs, competition…
  • Your money. We need you to give us all your money.

Reviv Weighted Blanket
1.2 M Raised on KickStarter

WOXER Boss Bralette
Funded in 2 Hours on KickStarter
$112,000 Raised

Our Creative and Production Process

  • We develop and pitch 2-3 original concepts based on your specific product or service
  • Your team offers feedback on the ideas
  • We revise the concept (up to 3 revisions)
  • We develop the script
  • Your team offers feedback
  • We revise and deliver a final script (up to 3 revisions)
  • Pre-production – casting / Locations / Logistics
  • Production
  • Photography (if selected)
  • Post Production
  • We deliver a first edit
  • Your team offers feedback
  • We revise the edit (up to 3 revisions)
  • Final delivery of all assets

Typical Video Deliverables

Every project we do is custom – but this is a good starting point!

  • 2:30 – 3:00 “hero” video explaining everything about your product or service, what problems it solves, background, how the product works, tech specs and more
  • :60 :30 and :15 cut down versions for advertising and social media sharing
  • 2-4 additional “focused” videos-  like a :20 “focus on the founders” or a :15 “focus on tech specs”
  • 2-4 Animated GIFs focused on product / service features

Product and Lifestyle Photos

  • We shoot still photos during the video shoot
  • You select 15 “Product” photos
  • You select 15 “Lifestyle” photos
  • Includes photo retouching and editing

G1 Graphene Jacket
Funded in 5 Hours on KickStarter
$169,000 Raised on Kickstarter & Indiegogo

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