We’re funny, we’re edgy, and we write and produce every kind of video imaginable, from concept to storyboards to locations, talent, voiceovers and animation!

Do we produce promos, ads and social media videos that aren’t funny? Of course!

Video ads, social media videos, viral videos, web commercials, video game trailers, product launch videos, live video, promo videos, special offers,  explainers, animated infographics, corporate videos, training videos, investment pitch videos, product showcase videos, startup story videos, landing page videos, Kickstarters, email videos, sales videos and tutorials.


Video marketing and advertising are the future, and the future is now!

The most prevalent drivers of video views and sharing are videos that are funny, unexpected or emotional.

Drive traffic and leads to your shareable content via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat advertising, social media video promotion, media outreach and paid influencers!

Brands, businesses and startups are increasing awareness and sales via paid and organic video promotions.


You can be funny as %$#@, but EVERY successful marketing or ad campaign starts with a strategy – a tactical roadmap.

–  Establish goals > objectives > tactics > execution > measurement
–  Competition analysis
–  Digital SWOT (online strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
–  Creative campaign ideas and approach
–  Video strategy
–  Content plan
–  Social Media and PR strategy
–  Influencer marketing opportunities
–  Analytics for measurement


Getting journalists, bloggers and social media influencers to talk about your brand products, services or new startup isn’t only thrilling, it drives awareness, traffic and sales.

Supercool Creative Agency takes a unique approach to PR and social media content by identifying what’s so special about your brand, business or startup, then creating videos and other content that can be amplified via organic and paid tactics, helping you create a story so buzz-worthy the media can’t resist!


“Supercool Creative always produces double rainbow work. Major key to client success.”

Nick Mendoza,  Zeno Group

“Working with Supercool Creative was a great experience. We were very happy with their work!”

Daniela Fernandez, Tencent


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