The Relationship Between Online Casinos and Social Media

The Relationship Between Online Casinos and Social Media

by Supercool Creative

Posted on September 25, 2015 at 10:56 AM

In the modern era, social media is king. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Pinterest, everything we do, any message we want to send can be in the public eye within seconds.

It’s not just individuals using social media to let the world know what they are up to. Businesses of all sizes are in on the act in order to let you know about latest products, offers, events or just to get their brand name out there.

Businesses are able to use social media in order to create a connection with its customers in a way that previously was not possible. Platforms like Facebook allow potential customers to ‘like’ their page and receive up to date offers and news to their mobile device.

For casino sites, this means any new promotions, games or free credit can be communicated to customers instantaneously and the results of such offers can be monitored. In 2012, Facebook allowed online casinos the opportunity to place targeted ads. This allowed them to place their adverts specifically in front of potential new customers.

It’s not just Facebook that is offering casinos a great platform through which to communicate with its target audience. Twitter offers some great exposure for online casinos. You don’t even need to follow a casino on Twitter to talk to them and vice versa. This means an online casino can mention an individual user in a post to directly send them a personalised offer or update. It also means any customer services issues can be dealt with in a quick and efficient fashion.

These two platforms may be great for brand exposure, direct messaging potential or current customers, but when it comes to video sharing, it’s YouTube that takes first prize. Whilst Twitter allows businesses to direct people to their videos, and Facebook allows video uploads, having a channel on YouTube allows regular visual content to be uploaded to your own channel.

YouTube is great for exposure for visual games like mobile slots, as the ir YouTube channel allows the viewer to see how the game interface looks and also pick up any tips and advice.

Whichever social platform a business thinks it is most suited to, it’s always advised to use a combination of social feeds. Not only will this give you a wider range of potential clients to target, but also it will allow you to promote your social communication over other channels.

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