How To Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign – 4 Tips

by David Murdico

November 22, 2019 at 02:57 AM

Launching a successful crowdfunding campaign is pretty easy, if you know what you’re doing,

And let’s start with the assumption that your product is awesome – because otherwise why would you be doing this?

Here are the 4 most important things you should consider to make it all work out for you!

#1 Crowdfunding Tip – Tell a Great Story

You don’t have to go back to your ancient heritage as the great grandson of a Scottish miner – but you do need to tell people who you are, what your product is, how it works, how it helps their everyday lives, why you are so passionate about it, why you created it it in the first place, and why they should help you back it!

#2 Crowdfunding tip – Make a Great Video

Your video has to nail the landing – entice, explain and convince people that this is something they should back – or at least share and tell others about.

I go into more detail about how to make a successful KickStarter Video here.

If you need help conceptualizing, writing and producing your video, we’ve done lots of these, helping raise millions for products ranging from weighted blankets (Over 2 million raised), to the “Soda Stream for cleaning products,” to a nursing bra and many more – ALL SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED.

We wrote and produced the video for the current KickStarter campaign for the “G1 | Futuristic Far-Infrared Heated Jacket From Graphene” which just topped 100k as of this posting and they’re just getting started.

Go get one!

Also, make the video funny if you can! People love to laugh, feel more connected and are more inclined to share.

Why is she holding a hammer in a winter forest?

#3 Crowdfunding Tip – Include amazing visuals on your KickStarter, IndieGogo, Crowdfunding Page and/Or Website

There are two types of visuals / photos – you need

  1. Lifestyle – this shows your product in action with real live people
  2. Product – this show the product by itself

Lifestyle photos show people actively using and engaging with your product.

Product shots are more commercial, showing the product in detail – functionality and more sexy.

Both equally as important!

#4 Crowdfunding Tip – Pre-Market Your A## off!

As soon as you have your visual assets – videos and photos – get ready to start advertising like crazy on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube…

Start this about a month before you actually launch.

You need to build a fan base of people who are going to be interested and excited when they see you launch!

Your goal is to collect as many email addresses as possible so that when you actually launch, you have an enormous data base to announce to, and encourage to fund, recommend and share.

If you get your project quickly funded, you become more visible on the homepage of the crowdfunding site as an ‘up and coming’ or ‘trending’ project – encouraging and giving confidence to even more people to back your project and and share.

You know –  the “snowball effect.”

Any questions?

Hit us up at

We write and produce crowdfunding videos and we’re happy to talk through your next project with you!

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