Does Marketing Video Production Value Matter? F#@k Yeah!

by David Murdico

May 24, 2018 at 00:17 AM

Marketing Video Production Matters

So you just watched a video about a cat that did something amazing – likely stuff every other cat on the planet does every day, but this cat’s owner caught it on her iPhone and because she wasn’t selling anything, it went viral.

That’s awesome and amazing and lots of positive emojis it’s way, but it wasn’t an ad or a marketing video.

Ads and marketing videos are competing for attention online with everyday videos. It’s like if people in the 70s could post home videos on TV, for free, that would compete with national TV spots.

Online video ads and marketing videos are loved, hated and held to a higher standard because at their best, they entertain or inform, they are intrusive if you don’t need it or care, and they reflect the integrity of the brands and products they represent.

Tough tightrope to walk? Yeah!

That means that the funny, interesting, informative or entertaining part of the video has to be expertly interwoven with the overall messaging and call to action – CTA  – that drives clicks, shares, site visits, shares and ultimately SALES.

Mix in some AUTHENTICITY and if possible, as a brand, be willing to poke fun at yourself, your competitors, the PC police… anything that connects with with Joe, or Josephine, consumer.

I was on several marketing event panels last year and the number one thing I pointed to for 2017 was accountability for sales, laid at the feet of the digital marketing department.


CEOs and CFOs want to know – NOW – about the ROI on all of this social media nonsense and you’d better be ready with stats related to not only brand awareness, but sales.

The video and social media game isn’t in its infancy anymore. It’s now like big rich baby, walking around and knocking S#!t over. Sometime it knows what it’s doing and sometimes it doesn’t.


Success involves representing your brand, product or service in a high-production way that evokes not only an emotional response, like laughter or incredulity, but in a way that inspires TRUST.

So you can Instagram your latest office party video or do some SnapChatting, post it on the Facebook or the YouTube… but when it all comes down to purchase time – quality wins.

Social media videos are a good support team but quality video sells.

People buy from people they both like and trust, and there’s no better way to engender likability and trust that through video – smart video – well produced video.

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David Murdico

David is the Creative Director and Managing Partner of Supercool Creative Agency. David has been a featured speaker and panelist at MediaPost's Social Media Insider Summit, Digital Hollywood, USC's Smash Marketing and The Web Congress. He contributes to, and is often interviewed by, publications like AdWeek, AdAge,, Social Media Today and Business Insider and is a guest lecturer at his Alma Mater, The University of Southern California. Twitter: @davidmurdico