26 Tips to Launch Your Brand Product or Startup For 15K

by David Murdico

May 10, 2019 at 04:54 AM

maxWow, just posted a query on HARO – my favorite site in the world for tapping into expert advice from journalists, experts and entrepreneurs on the front lines of so many industries and topics.

I’ve included about 90% of the replies – very smart people who have been there from all angles.

The simply diabolical question is:

If You Were Launching a New Brand Product or Startup, What Would You do With $15,000?

As you’ll read, there are a lot of approaches – if you need consulting, or just need an experienced agency to help you to launch your new brand product or startup, give Supercool Creative Agency a shout. We develop digital strategies, create / produce video, social media content, manage social media accounts, create and place advertising, consulting (if you just need to talk it out) and launch unique PR campaigns.

#1 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

  • Name: Priscilla
  • Company: MULTIWEAR

I’m the CEO of MULTIWEAR a company of one. I started with the Cardimom® and now am launching a Kickstarter.

I can tell you that 15k is a huge amount and if I had that much to just do marketing, some of it would be spent on attending a trade show at the cost of around 4k. Then about 1k would be spent on product development whereas about 4k would be spent on new product investment.

That would leave me with just enough to launch the Kickstarter and pay someone to do the video at around 2k and about 1k to hire a PR professional to get the Kickstarter funded. The remaining investment would be used to pay influencers to promote the product on social media.

My kickstarter is: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/multiwear/the-division-of-labor-dual-tote

#2 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Publicity is key.

Publicity is key and the company can learn how to do it themselves instead of hiring a PR agency.   Most agencies are much more than  $15K, such as mine.

What we have are courses that teaches you how to get publicity on your own.  So you don’t have to hire a PR firm.  Our courses are very affordable.  Launching new ones this week.  Starting as low as 2 payments of $247 to get access our training.

I would say invest in learning publicity with some of that budget, go get yourself exposure and then use the rest of the funds to market your publicity combined with your product to bring in massive sales.  That’s a whole different other strategy that we teach as well.

#3 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

Market a new product/startup with $15,000 (viral marketing)Viral marketing is still the most cost-effective way to market any business, especially if you’re working on a tight budget.

Of course, viral marketing won’t suit all businesses, but you’d be surprised at the success that even businesses working in ‘boring’ industries can have with this method (often having even more success than businesses operating in ‘exciting’ industries).

If we were launching a new product, I’d arrange an ‘AMA’ (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit to drive some immediate traffic to our site, where we would have opt-ins to try and get visitors to sign up to our email list so we could promote our product to them again.I’d want to invest most of the money into design for promotional purposes, to get our branding spot on and to ensure that all of our marketing efforts were consistent across email and across social media.

Max Robinson is a marketing executive for WeSwap Euros https://www.weswap.com/en/buy-euros

#4 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

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  • Name: Shel
  • Email: shel@greenandprofitable.com
  • Company: Green And Profitable

Build in social conscience–and partnerships – HARO

  1. Build in social entrepreneurship features so that every sale of your product or service makes someone’s life better (and I’m not talking so much about charity donations or the buy-one-give-one model popularized by TOMS–but about creating products and services that have social change built in. My favorite examples are the various companies profitably selling solar-powered LED lamps to replace toxic, flammable, and expensive kerosene in developing countries.)
  2. Partner with others who can spread your message much farther and faster than you can alone (and this costs nothing except commissions).
  3. Do some small, high-targeted spends on social media.
  4. Purchase a high-quality story-behind-the-story press release (disclosure–I write these) and distribute to traditional media. Follow up with non-pushy emails to media you’ve identified as key.
  5. Use public appearances (which can take many forms, from speeches to product demos) effectively.

For many years, I’ve been a green business profitability consultant, copywriter, speaker, and author.

Now I’m going beyond just going green to show businesses how they can profit by turning hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance–and going beyond sustainability to the world we all want. Using these techniques, I immediately got on best-seller lists with the launches for both my two most recent books:

My 10th book, Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World (published in April and on two category bestseller lists in its first month) has endorsements by Jack Canfield, Seth Godin, the founders of BNI and GreenBiz.com, the author of The New Rules of Green Marketing, and essays from the authors of Unstoppable/Unstoppable Women and Diet for a Small Planet. Previous books include the long-running category best-seller Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, named a Groundbreaking Indy Book by Independent Publisher magazine.

Twitter: @ShelHorowitz

#5 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

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Working strategy to promote business at $15000 budget

Allow me to introduce myself.My name is Jignesh, founder & marketing head @ OLBUZ, a Google adwords partner agency having over 10 years of experience working with startups, products or a SMBs having limited budget to get most out of it brand exercises.

I used to do the budgeting and planning for almost all clients had similar right budget as you explained the case. If I will have to invest $15K for a brand, this is what I will do:First and very important point for me to understand the client requirement. Whether they are looking for branding only or they are looking for short term marketing strategies that result in quick sales and sustainable online growth.

The strategy will be different in both the case and in our example; I will go for second option recommended for a small / medium brand.I will distribute the budget in two different parts for 3 months time span:1) Organic traffic (SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, PR, VIDEO etc) 2) Paid Traffic (Adwords – Remarketing / Facebook ads / Paid PR)First month – $5000Spend atleast $3500 in paid marketing to get quick sales by reaching out highly targeted audiences through Google adwords search ads + remarketing ads.

Spend $1500 on building compelling content and organically distribute to established social media channels. After evaluating the result by end of month, increase or decrease the budget from paid marketing to organic marketing and this is how you get most out of it.

Here, spending more on building compelling content will help on long run but don’t avoid paid traffic. It will help to build initial business and eventually result in sales from the initial period.

Once your content started attracting audiences, you can add more budget in promoting the same to attract organic backlinks that will boost your organic search rankings.Keep optimizing your strategy based on what works best for your brand and you will definitely see 10% to 50% improvement in sales within 3 months. My profile:Jignesh is a founder & marketing head @OLBUZ, a Google adwords partner agency having over 10 years of experience working with startups, products or a SMBs to promote their business online. Twitter: @jigneshgohel

#6 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

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Marketing a startup on $15,000

I started my business on exactly $15,000. I tried advertising on Facebook but I didn’t get great results. Nothing gave me the bang for my buck as much as google Adwords. Everytime I launched an Adwords campaign I was able to convert a new client. I also bought a mailing list of email addresses for marketing department personnel which converted very well.

I would send out a few hundred (100-500) emails a day and usually ended up with at least 1 new appointment a week and sometimes as many as 5 appointments a week! Most other advertising at this. Budget simply didn’t work for me.

My name is Jacob Tanur, I am the Founder and Creative Director of Click Play Films (www.clickplayfilms.com). My twitter handle is @clickplayfilms and my profile picture is attached!

#7 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

Sounds like you’re writing a really interesting article!

I’m Chris McCarron and I own GoGoChimp (we build kick-ass sales funnels)
Here’s my 2 cents:
“When it comes to digital marketing, there’s no ‘one size fits all’. But, every successful business online needs the basics: a solid landing page, a robust sales funnel and email marketing campaigns designed to get you sales.
To outsource this work, you’ll blast your way through most of your $15k budget.
If you use a company with a proven track record, then it’s money well spent.
So, with what’s left, the best thing that you can do is quantitative marketing.
This is just a fancy buzz word for saying that you’ll simultaneously run a number of inexpensive marketing campaigns and then measure the results.
If this sounds complicated, then don’t worry because it’s not! (even I can do it!)
This boils down to scaling what makes a profit, revising anything that breaks even and eliminating what creates a loss.
So if a $5 Reddit ad makes you $10 profit, then you scale it by investing in more Reddit ads.
Honestly, it’s that simple. You just have to make sure that you track all of the right data and understand how to use it to your advantage.”
If you like the above and intend to use it, please feel free to use the photograph in my signature or to request one.
Furthermore, I would be obliged if you could please include a link to the GoGoChimp website: https://www.gogochimp.com

#8 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

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I would begin by creating an eye catching video or social media post, and then, begin calling/messaging/texting/emailing or whatever is needed to enlist influencers to share the video in exchange for free product!

I firmly believe that this method, along with simply being nice to people and caring about your customers is the best thing anyone can do when starting a new business venture.  It cost little money and gains the most respect.
Here is a quote/s you can use if you would like:
“Respect and Faith are as much Caught as they are Taught.”
People respect their favorite companies and have faith in their favorite companies when the excitement and passion is being shown first hand to the person.  (There is a reason marketing strategies push for companies to educate the market on the founders and how they are)….it is because people WANT TO SEE how you feel and they WANT TO FEEL what your seeing in your own company.
If you can communicate that to your customer, you will win nearly everytime.
I am the Owner/Founder of Patriot Restaurant Delivery LLC and www.PatriotFoodDelivery.com
We have been in business for 3 years and are expanding througout the East Texas Market.  We primarily provide marketing and advertising for restaurants and online ordering and delivery, but, we do offer many more services also!

#9 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

Launching With A Limited Budget

Pitch Contents: I deal with this all the time with my DashMKTG clients. Every clients wants major sales from small marketing investments.

It’s not realistic, but there are ways to make a big enough impact that you gain their trust and open up the budget on future products.I have a unique situation where I run two small businesses. DashMKTG (a small marketing firm) and BladeButter Brand (a shaving product line).

I’m able to mirror the marketing techniques I use in the real world with BladeButter and usually show my DashMKTG clients I can get them the most bang for their buck.I follow a disc formula that always starts with PR.

I like that old saying “you can’t have spell profits without P-R.” From there, I’ll add SEO and Social Media if it suits the clients well. One of my favorite techniques is to produce a video because YouTube videos are indexed by Google within 24 hours. That video needs to make a connection to the viewer.

I’ve worked with local restaurants to tell the personal story of their businesses. It’s not really about the food, it’s about the people behind it. When I’m working with local businesses that deal directly with consumers, I’ll definitely add in Every Door Direct Mail.

It’s very inexpensive and the client gets much more advertising real estate to work with because it doesn’t require space for addresses and it’s the same cost for small and large pieces.Another (usually free) technique is pairing up businesses as strategic partners. My client that sells Surface Mount Technology Equipment is now paired up with another company that sells used parts for that equipment.

So they have a revenue stream they never thought of before. That adds value for me in the long run.There’s more, but I need to answer some calls.Feel free to contact me directly if you’re interested in more information.

#10 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

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Invest a good chunk into visual medium creation

Observing several startups from afar and up close, there’s one element that I see in common time and time again with those who make it big: great visual content. Speaking with one particular startup, I was recently shocked to find that they had spent a whopping $7k of some seed money to produce a video for their consumer product.

But in seeing the final edit and the resounding effect it had on their business (including major online media outlets re-editing the video for a shorter master edit — and changing the music to something far more funky), I can see this was a strategic investment into their business itself.

I think investing in visual content is fantastic for startups – with two caveats. First, your product has to be visual enough for you to be able to make an enticing video, and you have to partner with the right creative minds who can produce this video for you. If you’re going to try to cheap it out, your audience will notice.
Two, have mechanisms in place to reap whatever rewards come from the visual content. Evaluating your backend technology stack and how all the data is moved (or not) between applications is an easy place to start, and basic data integration connectors (also known as ‘point-to-point’ or ‘plug-and-play’ connectors) are readily available, built into the back ends of applications your business likely already uses.
These integrations are cheap and make running your business an automated exercise rather than one that’s frantic and all over the place..
Jessica Thiele
Marketing Manager

#11 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

In this order: Paid Social, Influencer Marketing, Paid Search.

It’s really going to depend on your objectives from there.

Example: We’re currently promoting a brand new music competition called FanMade Star. Our objective is to get people to enter themselves in to win our $5,000 prize, voted on by their friends and fans. We started from zero and had to get to somewhere before people could trust us. Therefore, we did what we could to get to a level of popularity on Instagram by regramming other popular independent musicians.
Then, we reached out to paid influencers in the music space to gain their endorsement of the contest. With social proof and influencer endorsement, we’re enhancing the paid social and moving to paid search. All for far less than $15k.
About me?

I’ve been a marketing consultant for the past 10 years, specializing with digital marketing for startups and small businesses. My current consultancy Digital Pudding just made it to one year. In past positions, I’ve launched new products and services with brands like AIG and MARS Drinks.

Tom J. Cameron

#12 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

My name is Max Page and I am the marketing director at the U.S. based https://www.couponhippo.in. I have been doing online marketing for 10 years and have worked at startups and web companies who launch new products all the time.

I am going to come at your question from the way someone is launching a new product.
I would do 1 of 2 things depending on the answer to these questions:
1. Is there Google search traffic for this type of product already?
If there is traffic waiting for you to rank for then I would spend the $15k doing guest posts and exposure on big blogs with links back to the web page I want to rank for the product. This investment will give you a continuous stream of leads from just ranking in Google.
If you don’t think you can rank you could use the $15k as an experimental budget to figure out the “flywheel” of Google paid ads. Meaning you spend $15k on Google ads slowly till you figure out how to spend and get conversions at the price you want. Hopefully by the end of the $15k you have figured out how to spend money on Google Ads and get more money from people clicking on them.
One trick is to go to the Google Adwords Traffic Estimator and enter the search terms you think people are searching with. If you see some keywords with a high CPC (cost per click) those are probably the terms your competitors make their money on. If they have 0 CPC you can try them, but it probably means the people who search for that term aren’t willing to buy as much.
2. Is there no search traffic for your new product?
If there is no existing want for your product because it’s a new concept you will have to make it for your target audience..
If you already have a popular brand I would have a PR company do a press release and outreach campaign to news sources and blogs for your target niche.
You should have money left over to do some social media advertising on facebook which is cheap traffic if you can figure it out.

#13 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

I’m far from a marketing pro, but I do have first-hand experience with this very issue.  I’m an indie author and need to figure out a way to find an audience.  “Bullseye Breach” is an educational book disguised as a thriller story about how an ad-hoc group comes together to fight back against the Russian mob after they steal 40 million credit customer credit card numbers from Minneapolis retailer, Bullseye Stores.

My challenge is exactly as you described.  Although I wish I had $15k to spend.

I spent money on publicity and PR.  I scored a couple of local TV interviews that did not lead to sales.  I spent money on a Google Adwords ad, and spent hours working with a nice specialist from Google who helped pick out keywords.  I ran the campaign for six months.  I spent $300 per month and generated $100 per month in sales.  The revenue and spend lines never looked like they would converge, so I stopped the campaign after six months.

Content marketing is free for me because I have the tech skills to put up my own content.  Although I have no graphic arts talent.  I have plenty of content available at the book website,http://www.bullseyebreach.com and my personal website,http://www.infrasupport.com.  I’ve also done great social media posts, but finding an audience to read them is a challenge.

What has been effective?  I’ve managed to score a few excerpts in security focused online magazines.  I did an email campaign to 500 people who visited the IBPA booth at the 2016 Chicago BEA book tradeshow – the largest book tradeshow in the United States.

So given what I’ve learned, I would spend some of the $15K to revive that Google Adwords campaign, with a higher daily spend limit, maybe $50 instead of $30.  I would also look into paid content on popular blog sites.  I’d look into lists and run an email and direct physical mail campaign, sending copies of the book to opinion leaders.

I would also consider hiring the right coach to help me with small experiments with other approaches.  I would not pour all of the $15K into one approach, but instead spend it little by little on different experiments.

And I would be skeptical of PR and ad agencies. They’re money pits.  They all make big promises, but I haven’t seen any deliver.

You can find a photo of me and a bio on the book website.  Apparently, photo attachments to HARO responses don’t work well.  My Twitter handle is @dgregscott.

Watch for “Bullseye Breach,” a story ripped from the headlines about yet another major data breach.

Except this time, the good guys fight back.

Available from booksellers everywhere.

Check out http://www.bullseyebreach.com

#14 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

“I’d start a free WordPress blog and then I’d find 10 keywords that show our buyer’s intent that are shown to be “less competitive terms.” I’d contract a writer to write 10 long-form articles that would make for excellent SEO plays (at $500 a piece).. I’d make sure the pieces are the best articles on the internet on the subject and then publish them with CTAs.
I’d use the rest of the budget to get a writer to write shorter-form articles (at $250 a piece) that I could use as guest blogs on external sites to start building links to those pages. You’d have to the legwork to form those relationships, but you can do that for free!”
Meredith Wood
Meredith Wood is the Head of Content and Editor-in-Chief at Fundera, an online marketplace for small business loans. Prior to Fundera, Meredith was the CCO at Funding Gates. Meredith manages financing columns on Inc, Entrepreneur, HuffPo and more, and her advice can be seen on Yahoo!, Daily Worth, Fox Business, Amex OPEN, Intuit, the SBA and many more.

#15 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

I would hustle.
I use a platform that is a suped-up RSS reader that also does key words and gives me the email addresses to the authors of blogs and publications.
I search for similar companies to find out who is writing about the space, then I pitch out product differently with what we focus on and how it is where we are headed as an industry.
I put together a list of probably around 300 or so people and template out the pitch for the top 20 by personally writing them emails if we’ve had prior contact.
Next with the remaining budget, most of it, I look for a good referral program to keep sales going past launch and post product release to collect additional sales through word of mouth. Finally, with anyone that purchases, I survey them 30 days after purchase to find out their thoughts and how they are using the service or product, then use their answers as the basis for putting together a content marketing strategy to take to partners in the industry that have complimentary products.
Rinse and repeat.
None of this will cost you more than a few hundred bucks, it just takes a bit of time.
You can pull my photo from LinkedIn – linkedin.com/in/jivanco
Jon Ivanco has 10+ years helping companies overcome obstacles to grow by leveraging forward thinking with a focus on the modern customer journey. He currently serves as Director of Marketing for LIFX a crowdfunding sensation in 2012 that is now available in retail stores as well as direct in over 80 countries.
Jon Ivanco
Director of Marketing
Twitter: @LIFX
(Editor’s Note) No denying this is a good cause. Thank you Jon

#16 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

The first thing I would do with a start-up is spend some time (and money) developing the brand identity.

Who are you, what do you do, why are you different, who is your audience, what is the personality of the company, etc. And I don’t mean just creating a graphic logo and look (which is important too), but really defining who you are and why people should care about what you are doing.

The reason you need to do this before you jump into any actual marketing is that all of this will define the thought process of everything that follows and the messages that you convey. Plus, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

You can hire a marketing professional to help you go through this process, or you probably can find someone at a local SCORE chapter that can help you do this.
Then of course the subsequent requirement for any business these days are the graphic look (think logo, stationary, etc) and website. I would also think a brochure (even if it is just in pdf form on the website) and simple PowerPoint®-type presentation would be good to have available.
I am a big believer in having two PowerPoint presentations, one that you give and what that you send out for others to look at when you aren’t available to present yourself. The first one has hardly any words in it, employing the Steve Jobs approach to presenting. (The last presentation that I gave the only two slides that had any type on them were the first one and the last one.)
I would recommend walking before running with social media. It is tempting to sign up your business with every type of social media out there. The problem is there is so many options and it is a huge time eater, a start-up simply can’t be everywhere. Depending on your audience, I would start with Facebook. (Although if your audience is younger, you may want to look at other options.)
OK, let’s talk about actual media…
And this, of course, changes due to the type of business you are, the geographic region where you operate, who your audience is, etc. But, in general terms, here are some things you probably could do effectively:
Paid Search and Organic Search – you need to make sure your website is optimized so that people can find you in a search. The problem is finding help in that regard. Everyone gets emails with people promising to put them in the top of the search engines and I would say that all of these are scams.
The main thing to do to make sure that you get higher rankings is have relevant content on your website. Incorporate the key words in the body copy that people will be searching for.
Google Adwords can be learned simply by spending some time on the site. Don’t be intimidated by it. Now the success of this is going to depend a lot on what you are trying to achieve. If you want to be found in a local market, this usually is doable without spending a lot of money.
Probably a good starting point would be $100-200 a month. If you are competing with billion dollar companies in a national search, don’t expect much to happen without a major budget. (More than your $15,000.)
Facebook Advertising – we are big believers in the power of Facebook promoted posts. This is where you actually post something on your Facebook page and hit the promote button. For $20, you can define who you want to reach, including the geographic region and demographics.
There are some rules to follow, your post can’t really be an ad – think more of a picture with a description. But this is a cheap way to reach people.
Think about Every Door Direct – let’s face it, we get so many emails. An effective mailer sent to a home or business may actually break through the clutter. The post office has an Every Door Direct option that allows you to reach everyone in a region without having to buy a list. (And it can be broken out to just businesses if you are a B2B business.) This can be defined down to specific neighborhoods.
PR – more than anything, I would recommend spending time crafting PR. This could be working with a PR firm or learning how to do it yourself. (If you can afford to work with someone, go that route.) If you are trying to do it yourself, spend time learning how to craft the message, how to send the message, and then think like an editor.
Is this a blatant advertisement or is this something that the reader/viewer/listener would actually find interesting? When you get a good story written up about your new firm, this is gold.
Start building your e-mail list. OK, I realize above that I suggested using physical direct mail being sent to actual homes and businesses. But developing your email list will be essential for your future growth. Pertinent emails (ones that people actually want to receive) can be the most cost-effective way to building a brand and making sales.
Figure out what you have to give to get those names. (And think less about a chance of winning something and actually give something of value from the very start…e.g sign up for our mailing list and get 2 for 1 cupcakes, etc.)
Network. Figure out where your customers are and network with them. Don’t be shy, get that elevator speech rehearsed and ready to share.

#17 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

At JS Live Better, www.jslivebetter.com,we believe that you should be able to have all the Outdoor & Hunting Gear that you need to go on any of youroutdoor adventures. We made this site because of our love for deer hunting andthe great outdoors.

Because we are a small business, we, ourselves, like toshop small businesses for our outdoor needs. In doing so, we found that to finditems in all the categories of outdoor enjoyment, we ended up visiting severalsites to accomplish all of our needs. This is why we have a variety of productsfor all your Outdoor &Hunting Gear needs. 

We enlisted two different marketing companies to do different marketing strategies for us. We ended up with two wonderful new videos, an awesome flipagram and checking in with us to establish that our business was ‘Coming Soon’, then ‘Grand Opening’ and follow up with products posting on all Social Media, Blogs and of course our contribution of word of mouth.
We are very pleased with the very fast widespread news of our business taking off. Although we could have done some of this ourselves, I felt it was much more beneficial to have the insight of our marketers.
Jeff Bardua
JS Live Better

#18 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

Pitch Title: How Would You Market a New Product or Startup with $15,000?

Pitch Contents:

Here’s an example of what I did. In a nutshell I collected $50,000 in 48 hours and an additional $25,000 in the next 60 days, I spent about $3,000 in promotion.
“After creating the Bare air-free baby bottle concept and showing it around, many suggested I try crowd-funding to fund my venture.
My product is a ground-breaking baby bottle that utilizes new air-plug technology to feed baby air-free milk, without air vents. Bare air-free is unique in the market, since most baby bottles have an air-vent, which lets air inside the bottle. As innovative as my idea was, it didn’t get funded.
I realized that kickstarter (the site I used) was perhaps not the best route, since most of the funded projects are tech gadget oriented. Most shockingly, I needed to draw my own crowd to this site AND pay them fees. Then I thought, why can’t I host a crowd-funding post on my own website or better yet a presale.
This way, I benefit from the traffic, I keep 100% of the funding and I could pass the savings along to potential customers. So I decided to do a pre-sale, directly from my website, with minimal PR funds but huge organic referrals. At the end of the pre-sale, I had 10,000 newsletter registrants, 8,000 unique visitors/month, viral PR and raised USD 50,000 which paid for inventory.”
Priska Diaz, Founder & CEO Bittylab, makers of Bare® Air-free Baby Bottles.
Name: Priska Diaz
Title: Founder & CEO
Business: Bittylab, LLC

#19 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

  • Name: Robert
  • Email: rmbarrows@gmail.com
  • Company: R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising & Public Relations

Aside from the fact that every marketing plan will be different based on who buys the product, when, where and why…;here is some basic math you can take a look at for the best way to spend that $15,000 for advertising and publicity:1)

Agency fee for planning and development: $5,0002) Allocation for the production of creativematerials (estimated at 15% of the total budget: $2,2503) Allocation for press releases and publicrelations efforts: (Estimated at 10% of thetotal budget: $1,5004) Balance for paid media advertising: $6,250 ______ $15,000Now:

Based on $6,250 for paid advertising and $1,500 for publicity efforts, the only way to answer those questions is with specific information regarding the potential customers and how, when and where to reach them.The answers will be different for each and every product, timetable and each and every geography.

#20 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

Source Contact Info:

My name is Robby Sorensen, I’m the Founder and CEO of the award winning children’s brand called ThumbThings Handmade Finger Puppets.

We have a great product, everyone loves it once they discover it, but the problem from the start was that there was no demand, and very few people searching for “finger puppets” online.
Paid (and unpaid) influencers along with paid social media has been the best way to get the word out. Its best to start by constructing a unique value proposition and then study your customers behavior and identify where you can find them, and how to communicate with them.
Lots of keyword research is critical, brand terms, product terms, audience terms and competitor terms are all important and each have their place. I turn to my list of audience terms when boosting posts on Facebook, as part of my goal is to introduce my product — a children’s line, to a new audience, so I might try something like “girls scouts,” and see if there is any traction? With carefully planning and little bit of money you get your product in front of the exact people who you want to see it.

#21 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

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  • Name: BJ
  • Email: bodyworksball@aol.com
  • Company: Bodyworks Enterprises, LLC

After being wiped out by Superstorm Sandy (house, car, possessions, office) I left a 19 year career in exporting, to start my own wellness company.

After taking that leap of faith, I had to fight for nearly 4 years to get my FEMA flood insurance money, so I had NO money to launch my business. Yet, I was able to get my product featured in Oprah’s O List, and many other magazines.  How did I do it? Social media stalking (free), and then travel to NYC and other major cities to ambush decision makers.  $15K in p.r.????  No way!  Try about $2,500 in travel costs, registrations, etc.  Here’s a link to an article that was published about me this morning.
I hope this information is helpful.
Here is some information about my products:
The hottest gift this year (picked by Oprah for her “O List”), Yahoo Health, L.A. Times, TheView, The FABLife, Barbara Corcoran, Inc. Magazine, the Top Travel Blogger for USA Today and more is: BodyworksBall
A self massage tool for instant relief of neck cricks, shoulder knots, and relief to sore aching hands and feet. A great way to counter the ill effects of sitting
and “Tech Neck” from sitting hunched over tech devices. The perfect gift for the hard to shop for business traveler, new Mom, teacher and weekend warrior.
Retail price of $34.99
Here’s a short animated video showing the product:
Here’s a short video showing TV Host Joe Zee showing it on the FABLife TV show:
The other product in the BodyworksBall line, which is about to launch on QVC is:  Stretch.Flex.Breathe.Roll
A “wellness gym in a bag”.  Included included in the bag is:
4 – exercise bands (various degrees of difficulty)
2 – custom foam grip handles
1 – door anchor (to allow use in hotel rooms, office and home)
1 – BodyworksBall
1 – 6 week instruction manual/guide on stretching, exercising with the bands, stress reducing breathing exercising, and rolling away aches and pains with the BodyworksBall
Retail price of $49.99

#22 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

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It depends on the type of business and business goals, but I’ll do a clothing ecommerce example.

First, I would set up Adwords and Facebook accounts and a remarketing pixel. Make sure you get an Adwords code for free $100 or $150 when you spend $50 as well.

Then I’d set up a Google merchant center account and data feed then start advertising on Google shopping, you’ll show for low cost, relevant clicks as an image on Google when people search for your exact products.

Then I’d target audiences who have recently purchased or like similar clothing brands to yours on Facebook, while starting a test of 5+ images.

Then, I’d pay some 3 million + clothing Instagram influencers to put up the best performing FB images on their account for a 24 hour cycle while giving them each a unique trackable code to put in their bio so you can measure if it is working.

Finally once your remarketing pixel has collected some traffic start remarketing campaigns and RSLA for search, RSLA for Google shopping & general remarketing on Facebook and Adwords.

Then I’d set up a Bing account and claim $100 in free ads and import the successful Adwords into the Bing account and start running BIng. At this point you should be seeing a lot of sales and by the time you’ve tested and spent $15K, you should be at $30K+ in revenue or even profit depending on how well you set everything up and how good your product is.
Stacy Caprio
Search Marketing Manager at Timepayment Corp.
Founder & CEO Accelerated Growth Marketing

#23 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

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I’m an inventor with a product called swiggies, wrist water bottles. I literally started with $5.00 and a lump of clay and never spent a dime on advertising, yet sold almost a million of them through social media and publicity.

I would spend $10,000 on a small, boutique PR firm that charges between $1,000-2,000 a month, no more. They should also do your social media and SEO for that.

At the same time I would be making my own cold calls. Don’t hire anyone to do it because you need to learn how to pitch your own product. Spend the bulk of your time doing this and start building up your network.

Also, partner with others who have large networks already for cross promotion.


Julie Austin


#24 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

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I started a global marketing firm 15 years ago.  We work with a lot of startups and small businesses with limited budgets and I have a strong preference for public relations to attract visibility and awareness quickly.

There are many short lead time opportunities with newspapers, radio, online media, etc. where you can get a quick hit and watch the traffic and sales jump.  I would put $10-12k into PR and the balance into paid social media depending on the product or service (it could be in Adwords, video, etc.).

In my experience, within 2-3 months you should have enough of a return on your investment through sales to be able to continue promoting the business through PR.  Photo is attached.

My bio:  Paige Arnof-Fenn is the founder and CEO of global marketing firm Mavens & Moguls, based in Cambridge, MA. Paige serves on several boards and is a popular speaker at industry events and conferences.

She has been a columnist at both Entrepreneur and Forbes. She is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Business School.




Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder & CEO

Mavens & Moguls


#25 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

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Pitch Title: Response to: How Would You Market a New Product or Startup with $15,000?

This is a decision that most of our clients are faced with. We create some great video, radio, and collateral advertising for them, and they want to know the best bang for their buck.

Most definitely, the best thing to do is a create a great video that is 30-seconds or less, and pay for social media advertising, and targeted advertising on Pandora or Spotify is good as well if you have a piece that works well for video or radio.
If you would like to contact me my info is in my signature. You are welcome to call or email me whenever.
Here is a link to our twitter account: https://twitter.com/luminousagency
The credit can go to: Bryan Roberts, Creative Director at Luminous

#26 How to Launch a New Brand Product or Startup Under 15K

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If we were launching a new product, we would kick off with an experiential launch event that could serve as real time research of the product and key messaging as well as content creation.  We would get testimonials from customers as they interact with the product, record the experience to provide content for visual platforms, and sample/sell as much product as possible at the event.   We would follow up with a post event amplification campaign online.  

In order for this approach to work, there must be an understanding of the customer and how the product benefits their life.  There must also be an understanding of what type of event would be seen as exciting and worthy of the their attendance (red carpet?  black tie?  concert?  on set at ad filming?).  The launch of the product would need to coincide with the campaign that would feature teaser content about the event and product, engagement mechanisms during the event (contests, hashtags, user generated content capturing), and amplification of the content created post event.  Twitter: @WhiteRoseMktBio:  Ms. Lee is an expert at direct-to-consumer communication and Ms.Lee is an expert at direct-to-consumer communication and delivers resultsacross dynamic global environments. Bianca has held marketing responsibility for brands with annual sales of more than $300MM. She earned both her Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration fromFlorida A&M University.NOTE: Thank you to the 25+ contributors. If I’ve missed anyone’s contact info, please let me know and I’ll edit ASAP.


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