Marketing Video Production Cheat Sheet for Games, Agencies, Brands and Startups

by David Murdico

June 02, 2019 at 04:00 AM

A 45 point marketing video production outline to help game marketers, agencies, brands and startups make informed marketing video choices as they add video to their marketing mixes!

So as a B2C or B2B marketer, where do you invest your budget for marketing video production and ongoing PR, advertising and social media initiatives? There are almost too many styles and options to choose from and the rewards are huge,

I assume your brand, startup or business is already launching videos for your new mobile game, app launch or other product or service at some level.

If not… why not?

Here are the most popular styles, broken down by use cases plus a list of the best social media sites for video marketing!

5 Types of Marketing Video Production for Public Relations

  • Product Launch Videos
    • New product launches are greatly enhanced by the visual allure and the search and sharing functionality of video.
  • EPK Videos
    • The electronic press kit, all neatly wrapped up in an easy-to-watch video.
  • Meet The Team Videos
    • Go behind the scenes with founders, executive stars and the heart and soul of your organization in the backroom.
  • Live Event Videos
    • Capture live events and/or stream them for an added publicity kick.
  • Social Media Videos
    • Post social videos everywhere and share links in your PR pitches. Build up the YouTube channel and stock your company Facebook channel with videos.

12 Types of

Marketing Video Production for Social Media

  • Ads
    • Running paid video ads on social media channels is an ideal way to kick start social media sharing – which is free.
  • Video Game Trailers and Gameplay Videos
    • Every game needs a trailer or two to show genre, environment, characters and functionality. Video game gameplay videos are hugely popular on YouTube and if they’re created by influencers can easily go viral. UGC gameplay videos are popular too and help spread the word about the game.
  • Movie Trailers and Music Videos
    • Needless to say, every movie needs a trailer, from shorts and indies to blockbuster A-list features.
    • Songs need music videos – always
  • Startup Promo Videos
    • Startups often face the challenge of explaining their unique value proposition, what problem they solve, pricing and how the whole thing works. Video is a great way to pack all that messaging into a fun, consumer-friendly presentation
  • Influencer Videos
    • Your agency can work with top and niche YouTube and Instagram influencers to create videos in their unique styles – the styles that made them popular in the first place and built fan loyalty. The drawback is that you can’t always tell them specifically what to do, or to fall in love with your product or service and even take you on as a client. You have to woo them, and if you do, you have access to a loyal fan base that will take the influencers’ recommendations, leading to a quick hit of sales and downloads.
  • Web Series Videos
    • The thing I love about web series is the consistency. They’re like mini sit-coms or dramas that keep audiences coming back, building a follower base and building brand loyalty.
  • Animated Infographic Videos
    • Animated infographics are like infographics in motion. Very compelling and people love them.
  • Animated Explainer Videos
    • You start with a problem, then present your app, product or service as the solution, typically through a fun, animated story.
  • Event Promos
    • Need to publicize an upcoming event? Shoot event promos! Use footage from last year’s event. Show how successful it was, incorporate real testimonials on camera, throw in some cool music and a voiceover and you’ll be packed.
  • Short Form Videos for Vine, Instagram
    • These are still emerging as a viable marketing tactic but they’re entertaining, different and fast. Producers have to be a little more clever when working in the short format environment which if done correctly can really distill the messaging and call to action!
  • Periscope Live streaming / Meerkat
    • New territory and VERY promising!

10 Marketing Video Production Concept Ideas For Successful Brand,  Business and Startup Initiatives

  • Funny
    • Not everyone can do funny and tie in an effective call to action, but if you or your agency / production company can do it, it’ll have wings!
  • Pranks
    • Everyone loves pranks.
  • Informational
    • People love to watch and learn.
  • Educational
    • Done in a fun, shareable way, this genre has legs!
  • Moving
    • Tear jerkers move people and are prime for calls to action and sympathy.
  • Heartwarming
    • People love puppies, chickens and cats, It’s true
  • Philosophical
    • If you’re looking for inspiration and learning
  • Shocking
    • People love to be scared and encouraged to buy things at the same time.
  • Funny and Crazy Comedy
    • Everyone likes to have fun. Funny videos get shared lots
  • Adventure
    • Take your viewers on an adventure!

9 Kinds of YouTube Influencer Videos

  • Video Reviews
    • A YouTuber reviews your app, game, startup or product launch
  • How To Videos
    • The Youtuber teaches you how to do something amazing, or really easy, using your product or service
  • Let’s Play Videos
    • Watch an expert video gamer be awesome!
  • Plug / Mention Videos
    • The video influencer gives you brand, product or service a shout out within the context of a bigger topic thread
  • Haul Videos
    • Influencers buy things, bring them home, break them open and dive into pieces.
  • List Of Favorites Videos
    • A list of an influencers top favorites
  • Short Format Videos
    • Quick Instagram videos, Vines, and animated GIFs are huge

6 Best Social Media Sites for Brand, Business and Startup Video Marketing

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • Instagram
  • Vine
  • Periscope / Meerkat

5 Videos for Advertising and Media Buys

  • Video Game Trailers
    • Social media ads / pre-roll, mid-roll, end-roll
  • Movie Trailers
    • Social media buys
  • Commercials
    • Social Media Buys
  • Animated Pitch Videos
    • Explainer videos used for pitching!
  • Native Advertising
    • Video ads that blend in with the content of the website in which they’re embedded so they’re not disruptive and often informative and interesting, even though they’re selling something

So what do you do with all of this information?

  1. Work out your video marketing goals
  2. Work out your target demo
  3. Work out your budget – factoring risks snd rewards!
  4. Decide which styles / genres to focus on based on who you’re trying to reach
  5. Find the the best agency / production company to spearhead your video production campaign
  6. Invest in writing up a robust social media plan / strategy and promote the videos!
  7. Evaluate the metrics / analytics and adjust fire!
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