What Do Video Advertising Creative Ideas And Video Production Cost

by David Murdico

May 26, 2018 at 07:34 AM

I’m not going to waist your time with a big dialogue justifying everything – you know, creative advertising concepts take days and weeks to develop – and TV advertising and video production require so much equipment and talent and back and forth, and just the right messaging.

That’s what they tell you.

Know what? Get your message out there fast, measure sales and adjust.

I run Supercool Creative Agency / Video Production Company and we work with top brands and startup like T-Mobile, Pizza Hut, Real Sleep by Real Simple, Keysight Technologies, Kellogg, IBM…

I’ve sat in a creative conference rooms with two other creatives FOR TWO HOURS and sold 100K video marketing campaigns.

Our typical creative rate? $5,000.

The old school idea of developing, and producing  ideas and creating broadcast and web content is a MYTH.

Oor production rate: That depended on the creative idea – HINT – $10,000 – $25,000. Top end $50k  – shouldn’t be more.

That said, things can be even SO MUCH CHEAPER and SELL STUFF!!

Here’s the thing:

  • Most creative happens in hours, not days, not weeks. Smart creatives evaluate your goals and convert that into marketing content – quickly. The rest of the time is just billing ours.
  • That’s the big BS – some of my best ides happened in less than an hour.
  • Same with production – with the expertise and production equipment, production is a fraction of what is used to be.
    • Put that extra budget into more videos
    • Put that extra budget into PROMOTING the content on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram…

Big agencies waist a lot of your marketing dollars. A better strategy is to:

  • Define your goals – who are you selling to – how to reach them
  • Develop video content that resonates – funny, heartwarming, shareable…
  • Spend on promoting that content to hit the right consumers
  • See if it works!

KPIs – the only KPIs I care about are sales. How much stuff are you selling from what you’re doing?

Facebook likes – might help in the long run – better to run catchy ads

Twitter followers – might help – better to hit them directly

Instagram – same

LinkedIn – same

Bottom line, there’s a whole new breed of advertising creative agency / video production companies, like Supercool, that are offering amazing creative, production value and advertising promotion across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube…

Contact Supercool and let’s talk it out!

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David Murdico

David is the Creative Director and Managing Partner of Supercool Creative Agency. David has been a featured speaker and panelist at MediaPost's Social Media Insider Summit, Digital Hollywood, USC's Smash Marketing and The Web Congress. He contributes to, and is often interviewed by, publications like AdWeek, AdAge, OnlineVideo.net, Social Media Today and Business Insider and is a guest lecturer at his Alma Mater, The University of Southern California. Twitter: @davidmurdico


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