YouTube SEO – The Next Big Thing!

YouTube SEO – The Next Big Thing!

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Posted on November 11, 2014 at 00:01 AM

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Are you concerned with the ranking of your videos and need to be sure that people will watch them and become your active follower, then here is a perfect guide for you to read and move ahead.

Before we start to discuss some tips associated with improving the ranking of your video, it is important to determine how YouTube can help your business to flourish and what are key points you should focus on.

As one of the best platforms to upload videos, YouTube prides in having 100s of videos for every single minute in a clock and over 30 million of visitors to watch them. Just because of this HUGE factor, business owners as well as individuals prefer to place their work on YouTube.

YouTube is also the second largest and mostly visited search engine (after Google) and therefore, it offers many traffic-generation and publicity concepts in order to enable people to receive good response for their videos.

Similar to Google’s principles, YouTube considers various factors to rank your video in a search result- like, how many views your video has managed to get, how far visitors have watched them and what their comments and rating about them. Additionally, statistics showing the number of active subscribers, how many times videos have been shown in the playlist of a user, how much it has been embedded to other sites and how many visitors have added it in their favorite lists.

But hey, don’t think that things end here and you are done with optimizing your video. There are other factors, as well, that will help you to make it more SEO-friendly.

As one of the best and experienced digital marketing company, Annex Core has discovered some of those factors that need your concentration and will definitely help you in getting higher views than expected. Your focus should be on tags, keywords/key phrases, title and meta description. These factors are ultimate options to optimize your video and increase its online presence.

Let’s discuss those factors and rank your video.

Keyword selection

Initially, your video’s presence on YouTube depends on keywords you are going to incorporate. Selection of keywords will also make a huge difference between page five of SERPs and high visibility.

Even though YouTube can work on different aspects, it still cannot track content present in your video so, you will have to add some text yourself.

Annex Core recommends people to add up to 10 tags, consisting of video content, shoot location, video category and certain names present in the video.

Optimizing title

Title is one of the most important parts of your video as it is the first thing people will see and click on them in case they are inspired.

Keep your title as short and comprehensive as you can- ideally contains 120 characters, NOT WORDS. To make it SEO friendly, add keyword at the beginning of your title.

Optimizing description

While writing description for your video, play with your main keywords and keep it simple. Don’t overuse keywords as it is make your content spammy and will decrease your chances to climb higher in YouTube’s SERP.

Most important, add link to your blog or website so that everything will look impressive and genuine. Your YouTube link will prove to be effective for Google ranking as it will considered to be a backlink for your website.

Before going to write a description, you should know that it normally ends or cuts off at the third line and rest of the text do not appear in front of the visitors. So, be sure to keep it short, interesting and don’t forget to add your website’s link at the beginning.

Video thumbnail customization

It refers to the face or identity of your video which people will see at first and decided if they want to watch it or not. Customized thumbnails will be really useful rather than to go with YouTube’s automatically chosen screenshots. These screenshots will not inspire visitors to click on your video. Just take your time to make a unique, appealing and customized thumbnail that will properly portray the concept of your video. Annex Core suggests people to create a thumbnail with resolution of 1280 × 720 and 16:9 aspect ratio.

Once you understand these 4 aspects and know how to proceed with posting your video, nothing will go wrong at all.
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